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We have always huge amounts of dresses with us and not even once have we sold them all. Of course we sell a lot, but there is usually more than half of the dresses left in the evening. That means that even on the last hour we have more than 500 dresses left!

So take your time, come when it suits you. If it is crowded you can have a cup of coffee and come later. Even when the rails seem to be empty there is plenty of dresses – usually in the dressing room. People tend to take more than 10 dresses to be tried on and buy one or two. That means that when it gets busy the rails will be empty for a while, until the dresses are returned back to the rails.

It is also good idea to check the rails of the returned dresses! You make great finds there!

We do not recommend our events to children or babies. It can be crowded, time to time chaotic and scary for small children.


We hang the dresses according to sizes S, M, L och XL. To size S belong sizes 32 – 36 (bust 80 – 90 cm), to size M sizes 38 – 40 (bust 90 – 100 cm), to size L sizes 42 – 44 (bust 100 – 120 cm) and to size XL sizes 46 – 52 (bystmått 120 – 140 cm).

Plese be reminded that our dresses come from different manufacturers who use different patterns. So the sizes can not be compared from brand to brand. There is also very many different sizing systems in different countries eg french, italian and spanish sizes are one to two numbers smaller than scandiavian sizes. So do not be stuck with the idea of the sizetag, but take a look how the dress looks like – does it look like the size you wear normally?

Please leave all the dresses you do not buy to the retunsrail. We try our best to keep dresses in order so please give us a helping hand. We will then put the dresses according to their true sizes!

TIP: You do not know your size? Measure your bustmeasure at home so you know in which size to look for the dresses. Take first five dresses and then get some more if none of them was perfect!


Changing room

In our events you are allowed to try on as many dresses as you want! Pick all the dresses that you are interested in and try them on in our dressign room. It is common for all the ladies, just like in the gym. Men are not allowed to the fitting area. If you want to show your dress to you husband of male friend, please do it on the public are. We usually put some chairs to the waiting area.

If there is a man looking to try on the dresses, we kindly ask you to contact our staff.

Rail for returned dresses

This is where you should leave the dresses you do not wish to buy. Please hang them nicely. You can make great findings from this rail! Please note there is usually two of them. One in the changing room and one on the shop side.



You can pay by cash or with Visa & MasterCard

Returns and changes

We do not take returns or change the dresses, all sales are final. Please try the dress on before you decide to buy it.

Great selection of evening dresses with bargain prices.